Our concept

Our concept

Our Kommerling 76md chassis has three 76mm deep joints to ensure high insulation. It is also reinforced with a 2mm construction which provides unrivaled stability in this area.

The Sigiena brand frame hardware is made of titanium, ensuring uncompromising robustness.

Our unique team of instructors provides serious, quality work.

The finish can be adjusted to your taste, whether PVC slats or ceilings.


KÖMMERLING PVC windows and entrance doors offer you the best performance for greater comfort in your home.

Designed and manufactured in France, our product ranges are certified for private residential installations and comply with the standards of the RE 2020 environmental regulations. Our long experience and our historical know-how as a manufacturer of window profiles allow us to offer to our customers with products that meet their needs in a way that matches them as closely as possible.

All our window and door profiles are made from high quality materials and offer true insulation while facilitating routine maintenance. Our PVC is 100% recyclable, reliable and durable.

All exterior walls are made with a thickness of 2.7 mm, i.e. 0.2 mm thicker than French standards. This guarantees a mechanically strong, rigid and robust partition. The structure is therefore reinforced over long lengths for better stability.

In order to always optimally meet customer needs, KÖMMERLING is also the creator of certain components, such as stabilizers which maintain a white tint. Pioneers in its development, we decided to unlead this PVC stabilizer.


KÖMMERLING offers a wide range of sliding systems:

Sliding windows, sliding doors, lift and slide doors. With each of our products, we ensure that the sealing is as effective as possible. Contribute to improving the comfort of life. In summer the walls keep the heat out and in the winter the heat inside stays in.

Our bay windows are designed with different construction depths. This allows us to offer products that meet the requirements of our customers. We will respond to your desire to develop your project together.

Our solution is very simple to use on a daily basis. Choose your outward-opening sliding door and benefit from its many advantages. Save space in your living room thanks to the simple and practical opening. The glazed spaces are more spacious, allowing more natural light into the house, further reinforcing the feeling of well-being.

Sliding and lifting windows connect the interior and exterior. Looking out onto the patio or garden will not only help you relax, but also calm your mind. You can look away from the children playing or just relax until nature wakes up. The living spaces offer real continuity with the exterior environment.


Roller shutters: a convincing range of functions and benefits.


PVC roller shutter boxes are used in new and old constructions with PVC, aluminum and wood frames. Depending on the installation conditions, the roller shutter box can be opened internally or with the bottom cover.


Our high-quality PVC roller shutters are real all-rounders. Turn off the light and sound. Provides shade in summer. Better insulation in winter. Adding the right additives will provide better protection against theft.